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Welcome to the team – Moritz Fiebig

Moritz Fiebig is the world champion of functional fitness, owner of two boxes, and “Fittest in Germany”. His 2021 competition year offers just a taste of what the 26-year-old still wants to achieve in the coming years.

Welcome Lisa Marie Schweizer

Welcome to the Team – Lisa Marie Schweizer

26-year-old Lisa Marie Schweizer has been doing weightlifting since she was 14 years old and has become one of the top lifters in Germany. Despite a rather unusual sporting career and health problems, she flew to the Olympic Games in Tokyo this year and still has big plans for her future.

Nancy Ludwig – Confidently back to the barbell

Thanks to her parents and brother, Nancy Ludwig discovered her love of weightlifting. During her career, however, the 21-year-old has repeatedly suffered setbacks due to injury. However, she did not let this take away her cheer and ambition – quite the contrary. She can’t wait to attack again.

5 Questions To Patrick Treiber

In our 5 Questions to… series, we would like you to get to know our athletes better. Therefore we ask them questions about their person, sport and our partnership. This time it’s Patrick Treiber’s turn. He is a Box-Owner and Crossfit athlete.

Welcome to the Team – Johannes Kasperl

The 27-year-old Johannes Kasperl is an athlete, coach and student of economics. His journey as a CrossFit athlete began in 2015 when he decided to complete a one-year Work & Travel stay in Australia.


Isaac Morillas: An Olympic dream come true

Isaac Morillas was a weightlifter and is now a photographer. During his sports career, he discovered his passion for photography and has managed to combine these two passions.