The CrossFit Open – What’s in your bag?

The CrossFit Open are just around the corner and many athletes have been preparing for these special workouts for weeks. However, it is not only important to prepare athletically for the Open, but also to have the right equipment to be able to complete the workouts optimally.

CrossFit has many facets. Whether it’s weightlifting, gymnastics, or cardio workouts, athletes need to be all-rounders to be at the top of their game. One of them is Weightlifting Shop athlete Katharina Isele. The 27-year-old finished 52nd in Europe at last year’s CrossFit Open and had safely qualified for the subsequent Quarterfinals, where the top ten percent from Europe were allowed to compete. Even though, Isele was not able to qualify for the semifinals, for which only the best 60 athletes of these ten percent qualified. But in Germany, this strong performance had made her the second-fittest woman in Germany.

Now the CrossFit Open are around the corner again and Isele wants to attack again. Next Thursday, February 24, the first workout will be announced. This will be followed by two more, which the male and female athletes will have to complete and enter in the leaderboard from February 24 to March 14.

Since CrossFit involves complex movements and participants never know what the workouts will look like, the male and female athletes have spent many weeks preparing for this special competition. But it’s not only important to be ready for anything physically, the right equipment is also essential for the upcoming open workouts.

Grips, belt and jump rope

Weightlifting Shop athlete Isele knows exactly what equipment belongs in her bag for the CrossFit Open. Under no circumstances will the 27-year-old do without Grips, Wrist bands, a non-slip sports bra and tights, a weightlifting belt, suitable shoes, a jump rope, thumb tape, and a massage gun.

Her absolute favorites for all the gymnastics moves in this year’s Open are the PICSIL Falcon Grips. PICSIL’s portfolio ranges from weight vests to jump ropes, belts, and resistance bands to shin guards. But especially in the area of Grips, the Spanish brand offers a wide range of products and provides the best possible selection for the diverse requirements of CrossFit.

CrossFit Open Beitagsbild
PICSIL offers a wide range of grips.

Wrist Bands are another indispensable tool for pull-ups, chest-to-bar, or muscle-ups is for Isele. “I wear these underneath my Grips for comfort.”

What must not be missing during these complex workouts are well-fitting tights and sports bras. For Isele, they should definitely not slip, the focus should be solely on the workouts and not on being careful about showing too much skin.

When the right tights and the matching sports bra are found, the only thing missing is actually suitable footwear. For Isele, that means the Nano X1 Adventure. “This is my all-time favorite shoe. It’s perfect for all movements.” These special fitness shoes offer everything you need in CrossFit. They are comfortable, breathable, durable, and stable.

It is not yet known which moves will be featured in the CrossFit Open, but Isele is hoping for a heavy lift. “My favorite would be a clean & jerk and I always have a belt in my bag for that.” The 27-year-old wears a stylish weightlifting belt from 2POOD, which is also used by American weightlifter Mattie Rogers. This belt offers optimal support but at the same time enough freedom of movement for heavy lifts.

Katharina Isele has been preparing for the CrossFit Open and the subsequent Quarterfinals for weeks.

This year’s CrossFit Open equipment list includes a jump rope. Thus, athletes can expect Double Unders in at least one workout. “I hope there aren’t too many of those coming up. I recently tore the lateral ligament in my ankle and haven’t been allowed to jump in the past few weeks.”

Even though CrossFit offers many different movements, athletes usually agree on which exercise is not one of their favorites – and that is the thrusters. Since Isele is definitely counting on this movement in this year’s Open, thumb tape is definitely in her bag as well. It protects against a sweaty thumb, prevents of slipping, and the hook grip also becomes more comfortable.

When the 27-year-old has given it her all and has finished the workout, she’s glad to have a massage gun in her gym bag. The FLOW MINI supports recovery after a workout and can help relieve stubborn tension.

Cover yourself now

You don’t have a jump rope at home yet or you’re still missing a perfectly fitting pair of tights? Then browse through the weightlifting shop again and stock up on the necessary equipment. The world’s biggest CrossFit competition starts on Thursday and you should be perfectly prepared for it.