Giving pure joy


You decide: Print vouchers yourself or have them conveniently sent
So that the gift arrives at the right time, the voucher is available in three different formats. Send it by mail like a little birthday card. (only within Germany) Or are you late and can’t wait until the mail arrives? Then choose from the digital formats to either print the voucher and hand it over personally or send the voucher directly to the recipient’s e-mail box. Remember that once purchased, the voucher cannot be exchanged. With all our voucher types you have the possibility to choose the voucher amount freely.

Give away as you like


You can print out your gift voucher and hand it over personally or we can send it directly to the recipient by e-mail. First choose your favorite design.




Directly at checkout: enter the coupon code in the “Redeem Coupon Code” field at checkout and click “Apply”. The voucher amount will be taken into account in the order total. To remove the voucher before completing the order click on “Remove” in the price listing.

You have forgotten to enter the gift voucher?
As long as your order has not been packed, you can cancel it and simply reorder.

You have several gift vouchers?
Combine as many gift vouchers as you like for your order.

Log in to see your current balance. If you have received the voucher as a gift, please contact our customer support.


If your order still has the order status “In Process” or “On Hold” or “Payment Pending” in your customer account, please contact our customer service and ask to cancel your order. Order your items again and enter the coupon code in the “Redeem Coupon Code” field at checkout.

If your order is already “Completed” and shipped, the gift voucher can unfortunately no longer be used for this order.

The order amount will be credited within 14 days after receipt of your return.

If the whole order was paid with the gift voucher
The credit will be refunded to your voucher value and you can use the credit in a future order. A cash payment of the credit balance is not possible.

If the gift voucher was combined with another payment method

  • and the amount of the retained items is less than the voucher value:

The gift voucher will be deducted from the items you keep. The remaining voucher value will be booked to your credit account. We will refund the additional amount paid according to your other chosen payment method.

  • and the amount of the retained items is higher than the voucher value:

The gift voucher will be fully credited to the items you keep. The difference will be deducted from the payment method you used to combine the gift voucher.

Log in to see your current balance


In the section “Vouchers” you have the possibility to buy gift vouchers for different occasions. We will send the voucher as soon as we have received your payment.


This is how redeem vouchers:

  • Our gift vouchers are valid for the entire range on
  • There is no minimum order value, you will find the expiring date in the lower right corner of your gift voucher or in the customer account of the person you received the voucher from.
  • Combine several gift vouchers for your order as you wish.

Refund of gift vouchers:
A cash payment of a gift voucher is not possible. If you return items to us, we will charge the voucher as a credit, which you can use for your next order.

You can’t find the voucher code anymore?
The code can be viewed in the customer account under “Vouchers” or downloaded as a pdf. Did you receive the voucher as a gift? Then please contact our customer service.

You bought a gift voucher to print or send by email, but didn’t receive it?

Please check your spam folder first – it may happen that our gift voucher emails are sorted there. If the email did not arrive at all, you can download the gift voucher directly as a PDF in your customer account in the Vouchers section.

To ensure that you receive emails from us in the future and that they do not end up in the spam folder, please add to your address book.

Did you buy the voucher as a guest?

Check your spam folder and please contact our customer serviceif the coupon is untraceable.

Did you buy a gift voucher and changed your mind?

Please contact our customer service and ask them to cancel the voucher and the order. A cancellation is only possible as long as the voucher value is still fully available. As soon as a partial amount for the payment of an order has been redeemed, the voucher can no longer be canceled.