Welcome to the team – Moritz Fiebig

Moritz Fiebig is the world champion of functional fitness, owner of two boxes, and "Fittest in Germany". His 2021 competition year offers just a taste of what the 26-year-old still wants to achieve in the coming years.
Steckbrief Moritz Fiebig

It was just about five years ago that Moritz Fiebig first found his way to Sankt Pauli Athletik. At that time, the now 26-year-old was practicing natural bodybuilding and completing a dual course of study to become a fitness economist. “In college, I talked to a CrossFit coach and did my first workout at Sankt Pauli Athletics in 2016,” Fiebig looks back. Even then, he had spent numerous hours in gyms, but now at Sankt Pauli Athletik many more were to be added.

Fiebig quickly starting to like functional training, becoming a coach at Sankt Pauli Athletik and later the owner of the Hamburg-based gym, which offers functional training to its members at two locations there.

Since then, the name Moritz Fiebig has become well-known and not only in Germany. His ambition is great and it shows in his successes. “I always wanted to be the best of the box, then the fittest in Germany” – and this is what the 26-year old has achieved this year. He had finished in ninth place at the CF Lowlands Throwdown, a CrossFit Semifinals competition. Unfortunately, this was not enough to qualify for the CrossFit Games, but he was crowned “Fittest in Germany”.

And this national title opened up completely different avenues for the Hamburg native. Due to his outstanding performances last year and this year, he was nominated for the IF3 World Championship 21, the official world championship of functional fitness in Sweden, and there he more than made a name for himself. With five top ten rankings out of six tests to be completed, as well as two first places in test one and five, Fiebig not only took a podium spot in the end, but also crowned himself the world champion of functional fitness.

“This success means extremely much to me because I was able to leave behind some athletes who have already competed at the CrossFit Games and thus prove to myself that I can do anything. I also got a lot of encouragement from many countries and that is already a very fulfilling confirmation.”

And he is now also one of the big names at international CrossFit competitions. For example, the 26-year-old competed with Games athletes like Jeffrey Adler and Lazar Dukic at the prestigious Dubai CrossFit Championships just two weeks ago. “I was invited to this competition and was able to gain great experience there and made many acquaintances. Moreover, this way I proved to myself once again this year that I belong to the big boys and have my place there.”

And the fact that Fiebig is not satisfied with this competition is evidence of his great ambition. “I made a lot of small mistakes in Dubai. For example, I wasn’t able to push out the 165kg in the Clean & Jerk. Nevertheless, the invitation to the Championships is one of my biggest achievements besides the first place at the World Championships, the title “Fittest in Germany” as well as the podium finishes in the past years at the German Throwdown. The CrossFit scene now has me on its radar.”

Moritz Fiebig was the only German invited to the Dubai CrossFit Championships,
a prestigious international competition.

The Goal are the CrossFit Games

The title “Fittest in Germany” was the first big step on his journey, he says. Now the focus is on the CrossFit Semifinals, which will be held next May and June. “CrossFit has so many different facets and areas to improve in. And even though I had a bomb competition year in 2021, the goal remains to compete at the CrossFit Games and I train hard every day for that.” Fiebig now has a strong partner on his side for this goal. “With the Weightlifting Shop I have a high-quality partner with the best products and a super community at my side. I have a brand in my back that fits me exactly”!

We wish Moritz Fiebig only the best for his future and sporting career and will keep you informed!