How Max Lang Builds Up Long-Term Leg Strength

This blog post is not based on scientific researches, only on my personal experiences.

To build up a long-term strength in legs is no magic. But you have to be aware that the body will
define its natural boundaries, which are supposed to be respected. At least in my opinion.

Let’s start with the basics

We as weightlifters, obtain our leg strength almost just from squats, therefore I recommend to include squats in your training routine for useful and long-term leg strength. A good plan is necessary, which includes a basic phase, a transition phase, and a performance phase.

In the basic phase, the weights are moderate and the number of repetitions high (8-10) in the ongoing preparation the weights get higher and the repetitions less (3-5) so that in the final performance phase the repetitions go down to single reps and the percentage of the weight reaches 100% of the
goal weight. You can envision this method as a pyramid, the bigger the base is, the higher gets the amount of weight which can be handled on the top.


To prevent plateaus or stagnation of the performance, it is recommended to vary between the different squat options. By that, I mean to switch between front and back squat. That is not only a diversion much more is it good for your mobility. In addition, you can always work on the speed of
your squat. The slower the way down is, the higher is the stimulation of the muscle.

And finally good advice from me: The break. A break in the deep squat forces you to use all the last resources of the strength of your quads. That not only encourages the ambition and the competitive spirit, much more it sets high stimuli.

Furthermore, I add different exercises to train my hamstrings (the antagonist of the quadriceps, which only gets trained passively with the squat) and leg extensor exercises, preferably withstand (eccentric).
For those who this is not enough already, you can also train split squats. They don’t make you stronger, but they set new stimuli which can help you to overcome a plateau.

But be careful!

Muscles grow during rest!

That means when you train effectively and often, make sure you give your body the time to rest and regain energy.

Along these lines…
Good luck