What do I need for my first weightlifting competition?

There are a few basic things to consider for your first weightlifting competition. We tell you how to prepare for it!

You have been training for a while in a weightlifting club or got to know and love weightlifting through cross training and now want to prove your skills for the first time on a competition stage?

First talk to your trainer and choose a suitable competition together. Some Crossfit boxes now offer weightlifting competitions, but you can also find a competition calendar on the German Weightlifting Homepage. To participate, you need a BVDG starting book, which the club has to apply for you.

Competition should not only be well prepared in terms of sports, but also in terms of organization. Apart from preparing for the competition in training, you should also think about what you have to pack in your sports bag for the big day and what basic rules you have to follow.
First of all, you should get yourself a singlet, because you have to wear one on the competition stage.

Tools for a weightlifting competition
Max Lang’s competition essentials.


This is a one-piece suit that must not cover the knees or elbows. Many clubs provide their athletes with singlets, which are usually also printed with the logo or the name of the club.
Depending on your personal preference, you may wear tight-fitting shorts and also a shirt under the singlet. The rule applies that elbows and knees must be free, too.
Furthermore, sporty shoes are obligatory. This does not mean that you have to wear classic weightlifting shoes, other sports shoes are also allowed.

However, you should stick to the shoes you are used to and not try something new during the competition.



Therefore, the following tools are rather optional and should only be used if you use them regularly in training.

  • Weightlifting belt: This is only worn over the lifter jersey and must not be wider than 12 cm.
  • Wrist Wraps
  • Knee Sleeves
  • Tape: You can basically tape the whole body except of course the elbow area. 5 cm below and 5 cm above the elbow joint must remain completely free. Kinesiotape is also allowed.

Actually, a pair of weightlifting shoes and a singlet are quite sufficient to take part in a competition, but you want to be especially well prepared and not forget anything.
Socks, change clothes, and towel should find their way into your gym bag. The female lifters should not forget hair rubbers and possibly hair spray, because there is nothing more annoying and irritating than a strand of hair that falls into your face at the first attempt.


Although there should be a first aid kit at every competition, it is always advisable to have a few plasters, warming ointment and ice spray directly at hand. If you need special equipment for warming up, such as foam rollers, thermal tapes, or massage guns, you should of course bring them yourself.
As you have a lot of time between the weigh-in and the competition, you should also remember to bring something to eat and especially to drink.

The same applies here as above for tools.


Do not try something new. If you never drink energy drinks, don’t do it before your competition. If you generally avoid fatty or very sugary food, do not eat pizza or sweets after weigh-in. Especially not if you had to lose weight to reach the weight class. Avoid hard-to-digest food and just pack what you would normally eat before training. You can never go wrong with bananas and water.

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You can’t put it in your gym bag, but you still shouldn’t miss it:

Have fun on the competition stage, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, fight for every lift and do your best. And actually nothing should go wrong!